Filthy House Cleaning




$35 per hour for a genuinly filthy house.


Poop and feces begins at a minimum $250 for the first hour and then $75 per hour thereafter. All chemicals and equipment included.


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Defining a Filthy House - Three Cleaning Stages - My Prices - Time



My name is Eddie Evans and I do filthy house cleaning. I can charge by the hour or by the job. I prefer to charge by the hour and do the cleaning alone. In this way I have full control over the entire cleaning process and personal belongings of residents. I do not care to have helpers, employees, in the cleaning business because of theft and poor hygiene practices among helpers. After 12 years in the business I have learned quite a bit.



Filthy House Defined



I'm saying that an entire house may not qualify as filthy. Some rooms may pass as dirty in most definitions of a dirty house. For example, I live in a dirty house because I work many hours as does my wife. We have 4 cats and 1 dog and keeping up with animal hair and their actions takes a lot of time and work. We must have pets, in any case, so we've choosen to live in a dirty house with pets rather than live in a clean house without pets.


It takes a full-time house keeper to maintain a qualified "clean house" when occupied by people involved in life's many activities. I know that my wife and I have not lived in a clean house in many years. We do not suffer from it. We basically choose to ignore dust and mild grease stains for a while. Then we clean them up as we can.


A clean house with a carpet receives vacuuming at least every other day. The kitchen and bathroom floors receive sweeping every day and mopping once or twice a week as needed. Dirty dishes do not pile up for washing later in the day or the next day. A clean house may have an odor, but it will not signify contaminating cooking greases, dirty clothing, or unkept furniture.


A bathroom qualifies as a clean restroom without a lot of care, but it must have care or slowly slide into a dirty and then filthy toilet area. Daily cleaning of a shower surpasses the working family's time needs. Weekly cleaning usually does not; it takes time and without a commitment to cleaning a shower once a week a shower becomes dirty rather quickly.


So from a stage one level of cleanliness to a stage 3, our showers slowly degrade.


This occurs at a lower stage once cleaning and remains until soiled and left unkept. Usually reaching a "clean" designation for a bathroom requires scrubbing the bathtub, walls, cabinet, toilet, entire floor, and cleaning the door and window. Of course the door handle and window fixture receive cleaning and disinfection as well.


It's the bathroom or bathrooms that often give the filthy house its "filth" title because of human and nonhuman fecal matter. Many filthy houses have litter boxes in their bathrooms and these do not receive enough care. Soon feces and cat litter pile up and begins to pour over the sides of cat boxes.


By the time cat boxes get out of hand we find that the filthy home owners have gone beyond a point of no return; at least, filthy house conditions overcome the residents and this leads to seeking a professional cleaning like myself.



Three Cleaning Stages


Filthy house cleaning by Eddie Evans comes in three stages. Stage one remove debris, "solid waste." Stage two begins reorganizing furniture and belongings. Stage three begins clearing in earnest. A filthy house remains a filthy until certain rooms receive a basic move out, disinfecting, scrub and rinse, and then another disinfecting.dww



My Prices


I do include the cost of cleaning solutions and cleaning tools and equipent come with my price.My prices do not include the cost of plastic bags for solid waste -- trash. I must also charge for hauling wast material to the local land fill.


Keep in mind that I work to put myself out of work. So long as I receive payment for a minimum of 4 hours work I will work for you. At some point you will want to begin cleaning to save money and that's what I'm about, getting you to a felling of release from the overwhelming conditions of your house cleaning needs. I understand and it's OK to end my work on the first or tenth day.




I work 3 to 6 hours a day, and rarely do I work more than 6 hours. Any time a professional cleaner works more than 6 hours on a filthy house cleanup they're energy has reached near bottom. For an analogy, think of carpet cleaners. Would you rather hire a carpet cleaner early in the day or later in the day. Right, early in the day a capet cleaner remains rested and ready to work. After cleaning one home's carpet their energy reserves are down and going down faster. It works the same with filthy house cleaners.













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